With your support today, you will help Crown reach out to the next generation by developing and providing new materials for young people who are hungry for teaching.

These new and exciting resources will dive into various topics such as:

  • Teaching teens how to use credit and debit cards safely and avoid the growing epidemic of identity theft.
  • Learning to use electronic tools such as PayPal appropriately.
  • The value of hard work and stewardship of God’s resources.
  • Teaching young people to apply themselves to their schooling as if it were their job.
  • Showing children the practical principles of budgeting — and giving to God.
  • And more!

The tools and teaching materials you help develop will impact countless lives. But to deliver these resources where they’re most urgently needed — we need your support today.

Please give generously toward this exciting opportunity ... and let us thank you by sending you 7 Essentials for Raising Money-Wise Teens

CD 7 Essentials for Money Wise Teens.jpg
A practical new audio CD from Chuck Bentley

Teach the young people in your life to successfully navigate spiritual and financial pitfalls without regrets ... by developing a godly perspective of money now!

The resource covers important topics such as,

  • Earning and Working
  • Budgeting
  • Tithing
  • Saving
  • Handling major purchases
  • And more!



Request your copy as our thanks for giving generously to support Crown today!


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